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* Planning For the Future, Today...



The Board of Directors are planning for the Museum's future in two different, but related ways;


Tactical Planning (short term) is what most members see and it is used to generate the annual budget.


Strategic (long term) Planning is more of a wish list - things that we would like to accomplish in the future.


However, if the two plans are not aligned then the foundation needed to accomplish our dreams is never built. The Board of Directors is examining these two activities with a sense of urgency. We have identified several tasks that need to be accomplished quickly so that a road map to the future can be achieved. Several new committees have been established and initially staffed by directors. However, we look to the general membership for input and to strengthen these committee tasks. We will attempt to keep these committees small and flexible and we are establishing timelines to adhere to. These include:


  • Publishing, Communications Department - Responsible for periodic publications, news letters and bulletins, (printed and electronic).


  • Computer Department - Determining CTM's computer and network requirements, supporting the gift shop, email and domain registration.


  •  Collections Committee - Responsible for the maintenance and disposition of our collection (operational, static, storage and disposal).


  • Storage Committee - Determining the museum's short and long term physical storage requirements and soliciting quotations for facilities.


  • Exhibit Department - Responsible for designing and deploying exhibits in the Visitor Center.


  • Fund Raising Committee - Investigating sources of funding, including State, Local and Federal programs, institutions and activities.


  • Bylaws Committee - Reviewing the current bylaws and making recommendations for changes or improvements.


  • Membership Department - Responsible for cataloging and organizing our membership and volunteer ranks.


If you have interest in any of these activities, please contact our business office and we will get you connected with the appropriate committee chairs.   |   860.627.6540


*excerpt from Ted Coppola's (Chairman of the Board) - piece in our latest CERA NEWS newsletter


Although written for current members we welcome any public interest in these goals and if your interest is piqued, we ask that you contact us...




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