CAR 169


(added 4-18-14)


The latest photo (Galen Apr. 12th) of ongoing 169 inside work -



(added 6-18-13)


Scott  is heading up the 169 project.  In the pictures is Scott, Brian and Kelly working on the car.  Most of the work is complete on straightening out this side, and it is looking good.

- photos & text by Galen Semprebon




(added 6-11-13)


 On 169, work is continuing on the outside of the car with reinforcing the sides, bolting them tight, epoxying and then filling the cracks for a final smooth finish. - Galen Semprebon





(added 5-28-13)


More pictures of the work on 169 this past Saturday (5/25/13).  The side panels on one side have all be pulled back into shape, and final work is progressing on finishing stabilizing the side panels and securing them.Then the cracks are filled in and everything smoothed off. One corner has been taken apart to get access to some rusted steel support rods that hold up the end platforms.  These are going to be replaced on all four corners. - Galen Semprebon







(added 5-16-13)


3 pictures taken on Saturday 5/11/13 showing the work on the sides of Brooklyn single trucker 169.  Scott is in the photo who has been doing much of the work on the car.  One side is now pulled back into position for gluing.  Once the gluing is completed The bolts will be replaced one at a time with recessed screws, and the cracks filled in. - Galen Semprebon







CAR 451


 (added 6-2-13)


As you may notice, the dates on some photos indicate that this project began more than a year ago We don't have specific text on the activity, or all the folks pictured,  but hope to present the chronicle at a future date!  
























(added 5-28-13)


451 is close to being ready for testing.  If found ok, it should be returned to service shortly.  The switch to change ends has been found to be faulty.  This switch reversed a number of circuits, and tracing out all the wires has been a real major undertaking. - Galen Semprebon 












CAR 1326


(added 4-18-2014)


 The first 5 pictures show the inside of 1326 with the newly installed ceiling.

April 12th photos by Galen Semprebon









The motor cases for the first motor freshly sandblasted and primed.

Pat is working on the hinge of one of the cases in the above picture.




(added 9-2-2013)


We have begun disassembling the first motor for 1326.  The picture enclosed are the parts after we separated the top and bottom of the case and removed the armature.


Galen Semprebon



In these pictures, the fields are removed for dipping and baking.  We plan

to vacuum impregnate these coils the same as we did on the type 5 motors.

We will  send the armature out for checking, dipping and baking.





(added 8-30-2013)


We brought the first motor in for rebuilding for 1326 on 8/24/13.  We have

two motors that we pulled from 0206 that we will be overhauling and

installing.  Then we will see the condition of the motors in the car to

determine how we are going to proceed with the remaining two motors.  


Galen Semprebon





(added 6-11-13)


Work is continuing on 1326.  The roof car lines have been reinforced and repaired, and the roof is back on the car on the east end.  Some reinforcing is going to be done on the west end, but not as extensively as the east end.- Galen Semprebon






(added 5-16-13)


Pictures of the work on 1326.  The interior wood work is looking really nice, even without varnish yet.  One of the pictures (0838) shows the steel in the roof where there was a serious arc over from the pole base.  This caused a fire years ago.  In picture 0840, you can see charred ceiling wood.  Much of the roof was replaced after this fire.  In picture 0837 you can see some of the new wood being installed in the ceiling.   The insulation you see in picture 0840 is the ceiling of the shop.  There is a section of roof removed from 1326 right now. John and Scott have been doing most of the work on 1326 with help from others.


I also included one picture of our new table saw, which is one of the machines allowing us to make this great progress on the car. - Galen Semprebon