(added 6-10-2013)


The roof of the Bangor Caboose has been mostly stripped.

Photos and text by Tim Lesniak






CAR 5645


(update 9-2-2013) text only


Very successful day in the shop this past Saturday.  The type 5 (5645) is

now back in service on 4 motors.  We figured out the wiring issues and she

operated on Saturday and Sunday. - Galen




(added 8-30-2013)


Type 5 motor work from 8/17/13.  Motor was finished assembled and installed in the truck.  We had some issues during the assembly, but finished essentially installing the motor by the end of the day.


Photos & text by Galen








 (part 2 of 8-30-2013)


Type 5 from 8/24/13.  Motor installation completed, motor tested and truck reinstalled.  

We took the car for a test trip and had an issue with a brush holder from a different motor.  

When we went into parallel, it flashed over.  We started repairs, and should be ready to

test the car again this coming weekend.

Galen Semprebon







(added 6-11-2013)


 The type 5 is in service on 3 motors.  We have the rebuilt armature and new field coils for the 4th motor. This work is slated to be completed in August prior to our special events.

- Galen Semprebon